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The Global Savages - Magnetic North Theatre Festival

The Global Savages have travelled to Ottawa to spend the week telling their stories at the Magnetic North Theatre Festival. The experience began with a Sunrise Walk Arrival on Saturday morning, starting at the Sentier des Voyageur with a welcome from a local Elder. The group of about 25 people made their way to the water’s edge to offer tobacco to the Ottawa River, then proceeded past the Museum of Civilization to the Alexander Bridge.

The sun rises at 4.15 am in Glasgow at this time of year. Debajehmujig arrived on the afternoon of June 31st, in the hope that The Global Savages would be able to walk into the city on Canada Day. So early in the morning, no one was expecting that we would have many people to walk with the group in the morning. To everyone’s surprise...

On Sunday evening Debajehmujig Theatre Group presented The Global Savages, an hour-long event sharing the cultural and spiritual history of the Anishinaabeg people. It is not so much a performance as a kind of heightened storytelling experience; the company deliver an upbeat, very much abbreviated, occasionally funny, and occasionally tragic retelling of the Anishinaabeg people’s “recorded history” in the oral tradition. It’s heavy on the exposition – it has to be, to encompass 18 000 years – but is punctuated by moments of both humour and deep sorrow. Performing to an audience crowded around a fire, a spectacular view of the 12 Mile Creek behind them, Debajehmujig demonstrate a keen intelligence and share their deep spiritual connection to prove the everlasting power of myth.

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Centre for the Arts, Brock University will welcome Debajehmujig Theatre Group’s storytelling program - The Global Savages to Niagara, April 22?27, 2014. This unique community engagement project will culminate with a free performance during the In the Soil Arts Festival at Rodman Hall Art Centre, Sunday, April 27, 2014 at 5 p.m.

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Global Savages ICAF (Rotterdam)

After presenting The Global Savages at the International Community Arts Festival (ICAF) back in 2011 to a sold out 500 member audience inside the Zuidplein Theatre, Debajehmujig-Storytellers was invited to return to the prestigious festival (which takes place once every three years). The festival showcases Community Arts Projects and Artists from every continent on the globe. The Global Savages were there once again as ambassadors of not only Canada but also of the Anishnaabek Nation.


The Global Savages


The Global Savages

We are the Global Savages.  We have an important message to share.  A message about the preservation of humanity.  Who will listen?

Touring Company of Five

  • An Outdoor Gathering Place
  • A Camp Fire
  • Water

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