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David (Sunny) Osawabine

Traditionalist and Cultural Advisor

David trained for his role as cultural advisor with respected Elder and Odawa Storyteller, Eddie King. In 2000, he began a process of traditional cultural education, including fasting, Traditional dancing and cultural teachings. By 2006 he was acknowledged by the community as having significant accurate knowledge and continues to work to expand his knowledge and apply it in the context of sharing and educating with those who want to learn. He presides over ceremonies and ensures that appropriate cultural protocols are followed.

David assists in the learning and application of the Odawa foundation teachings across the company. Specifically he offers workshops to students, international visitors and to staff projects as the projects require. In addition to working collaboratively with other artistic staff in program development and delivery, he offers private individual support to students upon request.  A recent accomplishment was a collaborative design and delivery of the LTTA Arts Educator Training Program, with The Royal Conservatory of Music - hosted at Debajehmujig Creation Centre in May 2014.  As both cultural advisor and cultural educator, David was responsible for the cultural content for 33 Aboriginal and Northern Artist Educators, certified through the RCM Program. He is also an accomplished musician, playing guitar for the Debajehmujig House Band.