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Samantha Brennan

Graphic Designer, Arts Animator

Samantha Brennan is a multi-disciplinary artist of mixed European heritage (Celtic, Norse, Germanic, English) who was born and raised in Port Colborne on Lake Erie in the Niagara Region. Sam was always inspired by her Mother to explore and appreciate nature and encouraged by her Father to explore the arts. She has been doing both for much of her life.

Samantha has been with Debajehmujig since 2014 focusing on graphic design, performance, and the land-art stream, and has developed a knack for installation pieces. Since becoming part of the Debajehmujig team, Sam has explored every medium she could get her hands on – acrylic and canvas, guitar, food, a stage – as well as things like deer hides, dump finds, or garden beds. She has worked on Debajehmujig festival contributions such as our installations at the Festival of Alternative Arts in 2016 & 2018 and Ontario Scene Festival in 2015.

Sam is also part of the Debajehmujig Improv team and contributes to other stage productions through writing, performance, stage managing, prop and set building, and much more. Most recently Samantha was assistant stage manager and creative assistant for “Crossing the White Line” (2019), stage manager, writer and set designer for “The New Elders” (2019), and writer, co-creator and performer in “The Quest” (2019).