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Lynda Trudeau

General Manager

Anishinaabekwe, of Wiikwemkoong Unceded Territory, has joined the team as the General Manager in 2018.

Lyndas’ experience includes Management, Finance, Human Resources, Education and Training, Community Development, and Nation Building.

In addition to Lynda’s work experience, her volunteerism includes serving For-Profit and Not-for-Profit Corporations, committees, and groups.

Lynda has earned a Business Administration Diploma from Cambrian College of Applied Arts and Technology(2004),  a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Northwood University (2010), an Indigenous Women in Community Leadership certificate from Coady Institute (St. Francis Xavier University) (2015) and, is currently (this month!) finalizing her Master of Environment and Business degree through University of Waterloo(2020).

Combined professional and educational experience, Lynda is passionate about helping Debajehmujig achieve its mandate, visions and goals, through not only leadership but also teamwork while maintaining and developing relationships with local, regional, provincial, federal, and global friends, collaborators, partners, funders, and Artists.

In addition, also assisting with advancing Debajehmujigs’ current sustainable development practices for economical, social, and environmental development through the arts.

Lynda is a Debajehmujig Alumni as Box Office Coordinator for "Ever! That Nanabush!", and having Previously served Debajehmujig Board of Directors for seven years.