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Joahnna Berti

Administrative Director, Outreach Co-ordinator, Training Program Lead

Joahnna joined Debajehmujig in 1993 in arts administration, marketing and community outreach, after working in Toronto for The Second City in the late 80s. She began an improvisational theatre group with young members of the company at Debajehmujig, from the summer of 1994. The Best Medicine Troupe, became a improvisation training and art education team that worked within First Nation communities across Canada. Interns were accepted into the Troupe in 1997, allowing the company to develop and offer a full three year program of arts education, community based training and original creation for emerging Aboriginal artists.

Over the years, Joahnna has contributed much to Debajehmujigs’ Outreach and Training programs, to administration, and to the company and community as a whole. As an experienced and skilled grant writer, she has helped many artists and organizations reach their goals and expand their worlds.

Joahnna continues to work with Debajehmujig Storytellers, supporting program development in training and land/community based performance art practices, utilizing arts animators to facilitate community cohesion and community development in Northern community contexts.