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Jason Manitowabi

Music and Audio Department Lead

Jason Manitowabi started at Debajehmujig in 2012 as a student and has worked his way up to Music and Audio Department lead. Working closely with locals to carryout projects such as Crystal Shawanda, he assisted in special engineering for Crystal Shawanda’s “The Whole World’s got the Blues” album, which garnered a Juno nomination. Debajehmujig Recording Studios is credited in the CD sleeve. Some other things that Mr. Manitowabi brings to the table besides a love for music and dedication to programming are: -Recording engineer for newly constructed recording studio and provide direction for studio and recording applications for all other employees within the company. -Create, design and record sound for film projects using various applications including foley and over dub mixing using protools. -Act as technician for sound in theatre productions including: sound set up, microphone applications, sound person, sound design and audio playback. -Plan and implement arts programming for proposed workshops, training initiatives and work projects. -Locate and apply for funding through various government granting agencies for proposed arts projects. -Act as acoustical design engineer and resource personnel for upcoming developments with respect to performing arts venue(s) such as the first annual WIIKWMEMKOONG ARTS AND MUSIC FESTIVAL.