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If I Were the Trickster.....

March 13 – 20, 2009

There once was a group of young people who wanted to put on a play. They decided to make it about the Trickster. But first, they had to figure out just who the Trickster was!

This pilot theatre project for young people was designed to put as much artistic/creative control in the hands of the young players as possible. With careful mentorship, they were guided and supported in expressing the world of the Trickster from their point of view.

All of the participants became players, in addition to taking on other roles in costume building, props making, lighting, and marketing.

A wonderful turnout of supportive friends and families, and their first opportunity to perform on a ‘real’ stage with ‘real’ lights brought this program to a glorious end.

As a pilot, this project allowed us to discover the appropriate dimensions of a March Break program, the amount of staffing, how the students respond to the facility, the relationship to other programming, etc. It was certainly concluded that a project would be run again the following March, and that the bar would be raised with regards to the skill development and creative expectations of the project participants.

The Artistic lead of this project was Elisha Sidlar with Lorena Wabanosse. The participants included Emma Berti, Mukwoos Eshkibok, Victor Eshkibok, Carolyn Glasby, Bella Manitowabi, Maryan Manitowabi, Nekoma Naokwegijig, Caleja Peltier Rivers, and Payton Manitowabi.

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