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Environmental Youth and Elders Gathering – Moosonee/Moose Factory

February 15–29, 2009

The Gathering focused on the future of the physical environment in Moosonee Moose Factory and its impacts on generations to come. Debajehmujig Arts Animators and students worked in 5 local high schools over two weeks to interview youth and elders finding stories about changes in the landscape and links to traditional stories and legends.

The team developed a creation piece, This Land Is Our Mother. The piece was performed at a coffee house gathering in Moose Factory with 180 audience attendees. The piece was also documented on video creating a 10 minute piece that featured Debajehmujig artists and local high school students.

The lead Arts Animators were Bruce Naokwegijig and Bill Shawanda, with Catherine Cheechoo Gull, David John Kioke, Nathan Cheechoo, and Caryn Bird.

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