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DARTcritics Review - The Global Savages Share in Their Oral Tradition

On Sunday evening Debajehmujig Theatre Group presented The Global Savages, an hour-long event sharing the cultural and spiritual history of the Anishinaabeg people. It is not so much a performance as a kind of heightened storytelling experience; the company deliver an upbeat, very much abbreviated, occasionally funny, and occasionally tragic retelling of the Anishinaabeg people’s “recorded history” in the oral tradition. It’s heavy on the exposition – it has to be, to encompass 18 000 years – but is punctuated by moments of both humour and deep sorrow. Performing to an audience crowded around a fire, a spectacular view of the 12 Mile Creek behind them, Debajehmujig demonstrate a keen intelligence and share their deep spiritual connection to prove the everlasting power of myth.

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