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Chris Deforge

Technical Director, Physical Plant Manager

Chris joined Debajehmujig in 2007 as Technical Director and Physical Plant Manager after supervising the construction of the new Debajehmujig Creation Centre in Manitowaning. He is responsible for the design and implementation of all Debajehmujigs’ technical systems, including audio, video, lighting, custom software applications, and general building maintenance.

Chris brings a wide range of technical knowledge from his past employment, including:
Construction Supervisor with Capital Construction, Fibre Optics Technician with Light Links Inc. Communications Technician with Echo Technology, Broadcast Technician with CTV Ottawa, Television Production Technician with Carelton Productions Ottawa, Production Technician with Elim Sault Ste. Marie, Computer Technician with North Star Computer, Broadcast Technician with Crossroads.

Since 2007, Chris has been responsible for the technical vision and oversight for the company. The future vision, direction and plans include video and audio production for web and cable broadcast as a means of self-sustainability.