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Chippewa’s of Nawash

Sept 1-15, 2008

This community based project engaged Debajehmujig Arts Animators to create a custom show that would raise community based awareness around issues of AIDS and HIV transmission. The group was then asked to conduct a workshop that would demonstrate the extent to which the audience had penetrated the material.

The presentation style that the group decided on was Forum Theatre, inviting audience members to join the cast on stage to implement their own suggestions at key choice points in the show. The performance brought 235 community members together to explore the topic, and the Health Centre – our original presenter for the community – were delighted with the performance and the subsequent workshops.

The Arts Animators engaged in the project were Joe Osawabine, Bruce Naokwegijig, and Bill Shawanda along with emerging Animators Matthew Manitowabi, Lorena Wabanosse and Tabitha Peltier.

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