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Call Out - 11TH Annual Six Foot Festival (Land Art Food)

Call out to Installation artist, performers, singers, songwriters for this years 11th foot festival( Land, Art, Food)

This years theme is DREAMS. What 6x6 foot piece of land can be explored and documented when you think of Dreams.

Debajehmujig is looking for Six Artists to explore, document and present at this years 6 foot festival.

Are you a musician, painter, writer, sculpture, performer? This will be a great time to reconnect with a 6x6 foot piece of land to explore Dreams.

Submit your idea and Bio and some creations you have done in your past work connecting back to the land.

This is a great opportunity to get your creative juices flowing, something to look forward to as we are all at home by ourselves, with our families or an essential worker.

IF you have any question call Ashley Manitowabi 705-859-1820

Submissions due SEPT 7, 2021