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Bruce Naokwegijig

Bruce began his career in theatre at the age of eleven in Debajehmujig’s production “Lupi – The Great White Wolf” in 1991. He was a young actor performing in the summer production in the Holy Cross Parish “Ruins” and attending school during the winter months. Since then Bruce has played in many roles through many productions.

Working with Debajehmujig, Bruce had the opportunity to travel a great deal nationally and internationally with the Global Savages. Although Bruce has been a major creator for the company creating small scenes and performances, he also had his directorial debut with the production of “Ever! That Nanabush”.

Bruce has seen a lot of good artists come through Debajehmujig and was taught a lot, having once been a part of the new young group of artists. Mask making, Stilt walking, Fire breathing, Dance, NLP, Improvisation theatre, Contact Improv, Working with film, Lighting, Sound and some stagecraft. Since then Bruce has been a workshop facilitator, director, creator, and actor for the many works Debajehmujig does, and has just recently stepped into the role of Artistic Director.