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Pop up Performance Art

The large painted garage door facing Queen Street in Manitowaning opened for 7 minutes on Wednesdays and Fridays this summer to reveal a wide variety of unique and unexpected surprises. Local and visiting artists and performers rallied up to provide 7 minutes of something that was surely unexpected! Without warning, the door closed again until the next scheduled Side Show.

Transformation Project 2013 at 83 Wellington is back in action with the ground ready to plant. Cold weather vegetables are in the ground. Warm weather vegetable plants are in pots at Debajehmujig Creation Centre ready and waiting for the last frost. This summer‘s transformational highlights include a variety of building projects, as well as the 83 wellington house project.

Friday July 26th, Holy Cross Mission Ruins, Wikwemikong

It was that time of year again - time to dance your pants off. This year's theme: Soul Train! A night of 60s feel-good craziness! A night to eat and laugh and of coarse, dance!. Thank You for Enjoying this wild day of 60's love with us and we hope to see you at the next event.

February 2013

Second year students at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine(NOSM) spend a month in two different rural communities. During this time, learners participate in four Community Learning Sessions(CLS). In the past, students have spent time with pharmacists, chiropractors, dieticians, traditional healers and in tele-ophthalmology visits.

The Transformation Initiative - Voices in the Green Room - Audge Fest - Local Music Showcase - Seven Minute Side-Show - Art On Site - Art En Direct - 60's Soul Train - Night of the Light Hearted - Dog Days International Coffee House

Reit Mellink and Dennis Van Tillberg, artists from Holland co lead a creation workshop for Debajehmujig staff animators in soundscape and audio track creation and production for live performance. Dennis is a composer, using recorded environmental sound loops, created instruments that mimic sounds in the natural environment, wind harps, steel drums, bells, string instruments, drums, flutes, pipes and more.

We recently hosted guests from Citizens Theatre, Glasgow Scotland for 2 weeks to continue plans and developments towards our much anticipated collaboration for the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Elly Goodman and Neil Packham are part of a team at Citizens’ Learning that includes Guy Hollands (Associate Director) Martin Travers (Producer) Louise Brown (Creative Learning Officer) and Angela Smith (Education Officer).