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The Six Foot Initiative began in the garden in the summer of 2009 with a project called Thrive – A Community Collaboration in the Gardens. Artists Elisha Sidlar and Jessica Wilde Peltier worked with a group of young women to establish a garden and creatively explore their relationship to nourishment. The group included Sabrina Mishibinijima, Courtenay Peltier, Chenya Brissard, Taashiina Brissard, and Nani Bell.

Foo, a skeptical, nomadic peddler, strikes an unlikely friendship with Saucisse, a new-age vegetarian pig. Foo is horrified when he discovers the awful truth about Saucisse's Divine Plan. Will Foo make the right choice and honour his friend's wishes? Or take action and alter the pig's destiny?

Le Gallerie du Nouvel Onatrio (Sudbury) in collaboration with Debajehmujig - Storytellers and 4Elements. Inspired by the location itself, a group of multi-disciplinary artists created work throughout the day and presented a performance in the evening on site at the Ruins, on August 3, 2013

Pop up Performance Art

The large painted garage door facing Queen Street in Manitowaning opened for 7 minutes on Wednesdays and Fridays this summer to reveal a wide variety of unique and unexpected surprises. Local and visiting artists and performers rallied up to provide 7 minutes of something that was surely unexpected! Without warning, the door closed again until the next scheduled Side Show.