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For the sixth year, following the Seed Exchange, we started our heritage seeds on racks in our south facing windows. The daily ritual of watering and spraying begins. Everyone at Debaj pays close attention as the racks go up in from of the windows to give the seeds all the best conditions to sprout. There are a few basic principals we reaffirm when we start our seeds. The first is to use what is around us to give our seeds their best opportunity to thrive. This means utilizing the compost, finding maple soil and bartering for manure.

Every Friday at exactly 11:00 am, on the main street of a bucolic village by the bay, you can hear the chains rattling as a 7 meter wide garage door slowly begins to open, rising up and revealing to bystanders and the world at large ...
(Fill in the blank with your 7 minutes of performance expertise)

Thursday, February 12th @
Debajehmujig Creation Centre
43 Queen Street, Manitowaning
6-7pm - Potluck - Bring your favorite dish
7pm - Swapping begins in the Larry E Lewis Studio