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Having left Turtle Island on May 31, 2012 The Global Savages are making their way to the Oerol Festival at Terschelling in the Netherlands. Landing in Paris – a centre for education and ideas – The Global Savages made their way through this ‘City of Light’ – so named during the Age of Enlightenment –connecting with the people on the streets and in constant search for those who will listen to their story.

From June 4th to 8th, Debajehmujig – Storytellers and The Global Savages were the guests of Glasgow Citizens’ Theatre in Glasgow Scotland. Our hosts from the Community Company were Neil Packham and Elly Goodman, who graciously helped familiarize us with both the company and the extraordinary city of Glasgow.

May 16, 2012

For the third year in a row, Ann Brisbois Abbott of Our Lady of Mount Carmel coordinated a visit to Debajehmujig and Wikwemikong for students from a number of Secondary Schools in Southern Ontario. After lodging at Anderson Lake, the students visit Wikwemikong Wasse-abin High School and then make a stop at the Debajehmujig Creation Centre.

The Contrary Clowns and The Global Savages have returned to Manitoulin Island after an exciting and stimulating week at the Fair of Alternative Arts in Sudbury. In addition to public interventions on the streets of Sudbury, The Global Savages used their ‘pen’ (each artist was provided with an 8’x8’ or 16’ x 16’ pen in which to create/perform their work), to create a lodge where people could make offerings to Mother Earth.