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What does a quiet little town under the sleepy spell of winter need? Some magic! For the first time, we hosted an award winning Ontario based illusionist at the Debajehmujig Creation Centre – Neil Croswell Magic.

The holiday cabaret at Debajehmujig Storytellers is a consistent part of the rhythm of our year. Typically, we have a show at the ruins in the summer. In the fall, we now host The 6 Foot Festival; Land Art Food. Since 1995, December is the time of the Holiday Cabaret. I love doing it. I think we all love doing it. It has historically within the organization been a time to honor and showcase individual artists. It is a chance for us to sing together, eat together, laugh together, and listen together (but mostly eat).

A great big thank-you to everyone who came out to The 6 Foot Festival 2012; Land Art Food where our theme was Starting From Seed! This festival exhibits all the work created in the previous year for The 6 Foot Project which invites participants to identify a 6’ x 6’ x 6’ plot and make art from, on or inspired by that plot. The project is open to all nations, disciplines, ages and occupations. In addition, the festival serves as a convergence point for discussion and exploration of land use, food security, and artistic practice. In 2012 we celebrated the third consecutive year of the festival!

Debajehmujig’s summer production of “The Three Phases of Kwe” proved to be a success with audiences that raved about the content, production and performances from these three powerful women.
Two veteran actresses, Elisha Sidlar and Jessica Wilde Peltier along with newly graduated intern Sarina Merling all put their own personal experiences and stories out there on the stage for the world to see.

The third annual WildER Med Conference was hosted at Debajehmujig Creation Centre and at a 100 acre bush lot on the Bidwell Rd. This unique medical education and humanities partnership brings together the Manitoulin Family Health Team, The Northern Ontario Medical School and Debajehmujig Storytellers. They work together to develop site specific scenarios, brought to life by the animators in the bush. The animators generate characters and relationships that form the back story of their current location, situation and wound.

Debajehmujig Storytellers had the honour and invitation to perform at Laurentian University’s 8th Annual Margaret Atwood Birthday Fundraising Event on Tuesday November 13th, 2012.  “My Cousin’s Cousin’s Cousin – Margaret Atwood” was a multi-media commissioned work directed by Ron Berti. The final project was projected on the Vale Inco Cavern, Science North screen with an IMAX projector.

Halloween is a time when theatrics can shine and here at Debajehmujig it is no different.  Halloween 2012 marked the year for much loved Rocky Horror fan night. The night became an interactive experience for all who attended beginning with the infamous characters of the film being brought to life by the animators.  The hilarity continued with the audience participating in games, a costume contest and a high energized act along version of the movie.  This event may have been for mom and dad but it definitely brought all who attended to a younger sillier time.

Ryan McMahon, known as “the fastest rising Native comedian working in North America today” closed of his cross Canada “Unreserved” tour with a final stop (to a sold out house) at the Larry E. Lewis Studio, here at the Debajehmujig Creation Centre. The house was full of both laughter and tears.  Ryan was quite excited about performing on the Debaj stage and decided late in the game that it would be his final stop on the tour. “This has been by far the best stop on the tour…the tour itself was full of ups and downs and Debajehmujig was definitely a highlight” – Ryan McMahon